Ofer - Health Problems, Membership/activity in unauthorized association

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


More on the Undisclosed Relations between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli Government


The Qatari Charity Organisation is an international fund that began serving Palestine in 2008 and is legally registered with the PA since 2009. It is a huge welfare and education foundation established by the Qatari emir Sheikh Hamed Ben Khalifa al-Thani. The association has established industrial plants and orphanages, supported universities etc. The vehicles it uses bear distinctive markings, they cross Qalandiya Checkpoint and travel inside Israel.

The association’s manager, Juda Jamal (resident of Beit Hanina with an Israeli residency ID) and its accountant Fadi Mansara, were hired after official tenders. So did the secretary Najwan Odeh.

In 2009 Israel declared the association unlawful, and yet the association continued to function openly. It is important to note (and hence the headline on top) that the Israeli press has reported that Israel severed diplomatic relations with Qatar. In September 2009 the mission in Doha was closed down, even though economic activity continues in one form or another, mostly through third countries (Turkey or Cyprus). Israel sells Qatar machinery and technology and in return gets raw material for the plastic industry.

Qatar is known for its support of Hamas and gives money to Gaza, thus it is not particularly favored by the Palestinian Authority, which is apparently not perturbed by the proscription of the association and the arrest of its employees.


At the center of  this confusion are three detaineesinfo-icon [in the meantime we learned about the detention of two additional employees – N. A.]. Since the arrests, in September 2015 Atty. Jawad Bolous has represented managers Juda Jamal and Fadi Mansara. Atty. Ahmad Saffiya represents Najwan Odeh.


On 23.5.16 the two managers appeared before Justice Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn when the case was discussed and the question of the timing was raised: why was the association allowed to operate since 2009 while the three operatives were arrested only in September 2015. No answers were given.


Najwan Muhammad Ayman Hasan Odeh – ID 911606184

[See earlier report from 4.11.15)

Judge: Major Haim Balilti

Defense: Atty. Ahmed Saffiya


In this hearing, as in a few earlier ones, the judge allowed family members to meet and talk with Najwan. This is no mean achievement: normally there is a limit of two family members.

As in earlier hearings, before talking about herself, Najwan gave information about other female prisoners, so greetings from them can be transmitted on the radio. She spoke about the conditions in Damoun Prison, on the limited physical activity and about her medical condition. She is taking certain medications, but for the last two months she has not been able to receive any of them.

The judge ordered a medical examination, to ensure she gets the meds and instructed to hand her medical file over to the court office.

Najwan talked about the way in which prisoners are brought to the court. Since she is kept in Damoun Prison, the night before her appearance she is transferred to Sharon Prison where she spends the night, and only before dawn is she put in the notorious “Posta” (prisoner van). At night she is taken back to Sharon Prison where she spends the night on a mattress and taken back to Damoun the next day.

The next hearing – to complete the preliminary arguments – is set for 22.6.16.