Ofer - Knives, Membership/activity in unauthorized association

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Tamar Goldschmidt, Vivy Sury, Aya Kaniuk, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


“I do not want a plea bargain”- said Sonya Awawda to her attorney.


Judge: Major Kamal Zahar Aladin

Attorney: Akram Samara

Defendants: Sonya Awawda and Saada Bader,

represented by Atty. Ashraf Abu Sneina



In 2010 Dina Karmi established a women’s association in Hebron, which included 70-90 women. The women set committees dealing with education and community affairs.


The prosecution defines the association as an illegal organization affiliated with Hamas.


 The first to be arrested was Susan Awiwi, member of the city council of Hebron. She was arrested on 5.6.18.

Then Safaa Abu Sneina, Dina Carmi, Saada Bader, Sonya Awawda (Hamuri), Lama Alfakhouri (Khater) and Israa Lafi were arrested. For many weeks the women were interrogated at the Shabac  [GSS] installations in Ashkelon and were barred from meeting with an attorney.


The main charge in their indictment is “holding a position and being a member of an illegal organization.”

Nowhere is it claimed that their activity called for violence. Sonya Awawda does not think there was anything illegal in their activity and this is why she rejected the plea bargain.

The hearings were postponed and set for 12.12.18.


In another courtroom Judge Zvi Heilbronn oversaw the hearing of Susan Awiwi.

She was represented by Atty. Akram Samara.

This hearing, too, was postponed until 12.12.18.


Many family members of the detaineesinfo-icon showed up in court and we spoke with them at length.


The hearing of Fausia Hamad took place in Kamal Zahar Aladin’s court.

She was represented by Atty. Akram Samara.


Fausia’s story is a sad case of family hardship. She is 38 years old with six children, living in the house of a husband who decided to divorce her. She has nowhere to go. Out of distress she went to the checkpoint with a knife in her purse. Now she is accused of carrying a knife and is detained in jail.

The next hearing is set for 12.12.18.