Ofer - Knives, Sentence

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


There are other ways


On 29.6.15 a young woman, Meysoun Moussa, approached the checkpoint “Rachel’s Passage” with a knife in her possession, with the purpose of becoming a Shaheeda [martyr]. She attacked a female soldier and injured her in the neck. The soldier was taken to hospital. Later she attacked another female soldier in the legs. The latter was able to overcome the attacker and handcuffed her.

I don’t claim that in all other cases we should accept the army’s version that there was a knife and a stabbing attempt took place. All the investigations re the murder of Palestinians who engaged in an attack, have been closed.

Here we have proof that it is not necessary to kill all attackers.


Meysoun’s case was heard by Justices Major Einhorn, Major Etty Adar and Major Haim Balilti.

She was represented by Atty. Muhammad Shaheen.

According to the indictment she is accused of attempted homicide and possession of a knife.

She was sentenced to 15 years.


Her mother and her sister were present at the hearing. They were not consoled by the attorney’s explanation that the punishment could have been much more severe. They told us later that they do not have a permit to visit Meysoun in prison.

The meeting in court was heartrending.