Ofer - Membership/activity in unauthorized association, Remand Extension

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


October 2016 saw the beginning of prisoners’ release as part of the “Shalit Deal”. All the prisoners’ sentences were commuted by the president, and the releases were defined as ‘paroles’.


Among the released was Randa Shehatit, a student at Al-Najah University.

She was arrested on 6.1.09 and sentenced to 50 months in prison. When she was released in October 2011 there were 16 months left to her sentence.

Since then Randa got married and had three children: a 3-year old, an 18-month old and a 3-month old babyinfo-icon girl.

On 4.8.16 Randa drove with her mother and baby to a hospital in Bethlehem for tests and treatment for the baby.

She was stopped at a temporary checkpoint, where soldiers were waiting for her, and told that she had violated the terms of her parole. She was not allowed to take the baby with her, and a few hours later she was taken to Sharon Prison.


Today was her hearing before the committee examining parole infringements.

Judge: Lieut. Col. Dalia Kaufman

Defense: Atty. Munzer Abu Ahmad


Randa Muhammad Yussef Al Shehatit Abu Zabha – ID 949603575


From the military prosecutor’s statement in the protocol:

“We wish to revoke the commutation and restore the penalty, based on intelligence reports pointing to infringement of the conditions of the parole… she is charged with being active in the Islamic Jihad… Out of caution I do not elaborate.”

Atty. Abu Ahmad agreed to a postponement and to detention until the case is transferred to an attorney qualified to deal with such cases.


The respondent asked to address the court:

“I ask: is this is a court of justice? The intelligence report is not sufficient proof to cancel my parole. After my release, I got married and had 3 children. Had I wanted to return to activity, I’d done so right away and not wait five years. I do not belong to any organization.”

The respondent and the defense requested that the baby be allowed to stay with the mother at Sharon Prison.


After studying the intelligence material, the judge decided on a remand extension.

The next hearing is set for 4.9.16 at 1 AM.


Vivi and I spoke at length with Randa’s mother and husband. Her story continues to haunt us. I am sure that five years after her release and with three young children at home, the last thing that interests Randa is being active in Islamic Jihad, regardless of the intelligence reports.