Ofer - Remand Extension, Stone Throwing

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Observing and reporting: Nitza Aminov

Translation: Marganit W.


The prosecutor, who was supposed to hand in an indictment, failed to do so, complaining of overwork. The judge responded that what should bother her is every additional day that the detainee is in custody


Justice Major Sebastian Ossovsky oversaw the remand extension hearing of

Bassam Ka’abana.

The attorney was Hafez Burnat.


The prosecutor requested an 8-day remand extension. Bassem has already been in custody for 16 days!

Yesterday Judge Rani Aamer ordered the prosecution to present an indictment today, but this was not done: the prosecutor complained of overload. The judge told her to take it up with her superiors, adding that what should really bother her is every additional day that the detainee spends in jail.

Bassem Ka’abana is accused of throwing rocks. But this is not a simple story.

He is a resident of one of the Bedouin settlements in the Maale Adomim area.

Since 2015 the settlers have been attacking the Bedouins and killing their flocks. A few attackers were detained (in 2015-16) but, surprise, surprise, were immediately released.

The judge asked the defense to bring all the other cases where settlers were immediately released, saying that there’s a need to examine possible discrimination in enforcing the law.

The judge ordered the prosecution to report their decision regarding indictment by 4 PM.


In the yard I met many families from Beit Awa who told me of an incident when settlers came to steal grapes from a local vineyard. The owner allowed them to pick the grapes, but that was not enough for them and they began to riot. The youths of the village reacted, and when the army arrived, they arrested about 30 Palestinians. Ten of them awaited remand hearings today.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for afternoon sessions and to get updates on their cases.