Petah Tikva - Membership/activity in unauthorized association, Remand Extension

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Anthya Sadeh, Nina Reshef (reporting)

Presiding judge: Lt. Col. Raziel Evron

Police investigator: name not transmitted with request not to disseminate;

Defense attorneys: Nassim Abu-Ghosh and Raed Mahamid


The session began a bit late (09:45).

Only 2 cases were brought before the judge.

The atmosphere was business-like yet leisurely.

Neither of the detaineesinfo-icon was barred from consultation with defense counsel and neither was blindfolded.


Abdallah Ghassan Ottman el-Hatib - ID 411511025

Suspected of: Membership in a hostile organization and intention to transmit information to a hostile organization, disturbing public order, throwing rocks.

The detainee denies the charges.

Attorney Abu-Ghosh requests a reduction from the 12 days of remand requested.

The judge states that there is no reason to reduce the number of days requested so early in the investigation (the detainee had been arrested only 2 days ago). However, after review of the file, he feels justified to grant only 8 days of remand.

We think it appropriate to add that the young detainee appeared quite frightened.


Ahmed Riad Maaruf Asa'ira - ID 859889644

Suspected of: Membership in a hostile organization and providing services to a hostile organization.

The detainee has been questioned by the Shabak [GSS] as well as the police.

When questioned about the suspicions by Atty. Abu-Ghosh, the investigator responds that he cannot elaborate either about this or the presence of other suspicions, but added, again in response to a question, that others were involved.

The judge stated that the case demanded a thorough investigation. For this reason and the steps to be taken as outlined in the file, he granted the requested 8 days of remand. He also stated that if nothing new should arise, there wasn't that much to be done.