Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Barred (from meeting with attorney), Membership/activity in unauthorized association

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Yoel Tsur

Investigator: Ihab Halabi

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani, Khader Daibas


There are 4 cases in the docket; in three of them there is agreement between the sides.


Sand Muin Assad Hamiya – ID 404786659

Born: 25.10.99, resident of Kafr Malek


Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud Awawda – ID 402328975

Born: 10.11.1997


Baha Muhammad Abed El-Kader Hawaja - ID 853998904

Born: 22.1.1992, resident of Bil’in village


The three cases ended with the same decision even though the charges were different and the investigations took different lengths of time.

The decision: the investigator requests 10 additional days (except for Awawda, who came to the remand extension hearing in civil clothes because he was arrested only 2 days earlier).


The judge accedes to the investigator’s request and decides on 8 additional days before transferring the cases to the prosecution.


Diaa Walid Mussa Hamed – ID 8523351139

Born: 10.1.1992, resident of Ni’alin.


The detainee has long frizzy hair. His face looks tired as he listens intently to the hearing.


The investigator requests a 10-day remand to complete the investigation.


Q: Until when was he barred from seeing counsel?

A: 1.11.18.

Q: What is the charge?

A: Membership and activity in a hostile organization, and aiding and abetting the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, participating in disturbances and belonging to a military unit of said organization.

Q: When were the violations committed?

A: Various periods. The accused also linked himself to violations committed during 2018.

Q: Elaborate which violations in 2018.

Q: Is he cooperating?

A: There’s cooperation regarding some of the allegations.

Q: The last interrogation was on 1.11. Why?

A: The accused was not interrogated in the last few days.

Q: Are others involved?

A: It’s in the secret file.


Defense’ summation: This is a third remand extension. The detainee was barred from seeing an attorney for several periods of time. At first he was accused of being a Hamas member, now it’s the PFLP. The respondent cooperates fully with the interrogators. These are old charges going back to 2015. He could have been arrested before, around the time that he committed the alleged violations. Today he has no connection to those violations that the police accuse him of. He should be released, or at least the investigation should be shortened.


The judge asks for a few minutes to examine the file.

Decision: The violations were committed this year, not as the defense claims. His release will interfere with the investigation, not only his, but others as well.

Remand extension of 8 days.