Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Hearing behind Closed Doors, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Kobi Sudri (res.)

Investigator: Inad Ihab

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani


There are 5 cases in the docket, two of minors, hence behind closed doors.

Justice Sudri asked the defense and the investigators if they had any objection to our presence at the hearing. They both agreed.

The judge stressed that this [Public Hearing] is important.


We attended one hearing of a juvenile. The other one took place before our arrival (hearings today started earlier than usual).

Both boys are from Qalandiya and are suspected of shooting.

Remand extension for 7 more days.


Walid Haled Ismail Nasser – ID 854010345

Born: 27.2.92, resident of Al-Bire.

This is his fourth remand extension.

Both attorneys represent him jointly.

The investigator requests an 8-day extension.

The detainee is suspected of anti-IDF activity, conspiracy to commit a crime and an offence against public order.


Atty. Kadmani stated: The defense maintains that the case should be handed over to the prosecution at Ofer. In two weeks, he has only been interrogated once. In case of unexpected development in the case, there will be another request for remand extension.

The judge’s decision: Since the sides agree, and after examining the secret files, the judge finds ground for an 8-day remand extension and handing the case over to the prosecution.


Ahmad Kazem Issa Basbus – ID 859899700

Born: 21.08.94, resident of Jilasun

The investigators request an 8-day extension.


The detainee is suspected of shooting (with others), trading in combat materiel, security violations and aiding a proscribed organization.


“There is a dramatic development in the case,” so the investigator requests 8 days.


Defense: Objection. The detainee has been in custody for a month. Since his last hearing he was interrogated once, for half an hour, only so he can be remanded again. He merely reiterated what he said upon his arrest. The incident in question occurred 3 years ago. He shot in the air with an improvised rifle. He is married with two kids. 

“We request an alternative to detention.”


Judge’s decision: He has been in custody since 21.2.18. This is his fourth extension. The judge was presented with confidential material that lays out the findings and what’s needed in the future.

The material warrants an 8-day remand extension.


Mahmoud Bassem Abed Al-Shukikano – ID 859247579

(The name was hand written, so I am not sure I was able to decipher it correctly).


The investigators request 12 additional days. 

The detainee is suspected of shooting at military targets.


The defense moves to reduce the detention. The investigation in this case is complete. He had given a statement to the police.


Judge’s decision: The material warrants more interrogation, but he shortens the remand extension to 8 days.