'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Tue 31.3.09, Morning

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Ruthie C., Shlomit S., Maya G-Z (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha

Avnei Chefetz Junction 07:51

There are a lot of cars and taxis and a crowd of people on the side of the road.  There had been an accident opposite: a Palestinian taxi and an Israeli car have collided with an electric pole.  We understood that no one was severely injured, but the passengers of the two cars were taken to the hospital to be checked just to make sure.

Anabta 07:57

The leveling of the ground as the side of the road continues.  There are 10 cars at the exit.  Soldiers are letting cars through and inspecting them one by one by glancing inside.  After several minutes a soldier stops one of the cars.  From the gestures between them we understand that the soldier felt that the car was going too fast.  After a short conversation the car continues on its way.

There is no lineup at the entrance.  Here also cars are being checked one by one with a glance.  Occasionally the soldiers stop a car and check I.D. cards at random.  Sometimes they check the trunk as well.

A young man approaches the checkpoint and want to walk through.  He is asked to lift up his shirt [to be checked.

We left at 8:15.

8:31 Jubara

We wait several minutes at the Te’enim crossing for them to open the gate to Jubara.  On the other side we are allowed through and we look back.  At the exit from the Jubara gate we ask a soldier what the concrete barriers are for.  He says that the children’s gate will be closed and will be moved to the entrance to Jubara.  The two gatesinfo-icon of Jubara will be opened.  He says that this was to have happened a week ago, but he does not know when it will happen.

Qalqilya 9:30

There is no line at the entrance or exit.  The crossing is relatively open and occasionally at random a car is stopped to be checked.  On the sides of the road in the direction of the entrance a soldier runs with his hand behind his back.  He approaches the checkpoint and throws a fake grenade – an exercise to interrupt the routine.

Two of the soldiers in the positions locate the “terrorist” behind one of the trucks waiting in the growing line.  They shout: “Fire, fire fire!” and the “terrorist” is killed.  While the effective exercise is going on the line of cars grows longer: there are now 8 in the entrance and 10 at the exit, and traffic is stopped.

The line continues to grow longer: there are 14 cars in the entrance and 15 at the exit.  After about 7 minutes the crossing is reopened.  Cars are not checked.  One of the drivers in the parking lot tells us that during the past month soldiers enter people’s houses at night looking for people and find someone.

We left at 09:45.