'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 27.4.09, Morning

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Niva D. and Didika Y. (reporting)


We arrived at the checkpoint at 0800 and stayed about 5 minutes.

There were 5 cars waiting on the Road 5 side and about 25 waiting on the Hawwara side. Some of the cars were stopped for inspection but most were not.


We arrived at the checkpoint at 0815 and stayed until 0850.

On the pedestrian exiting checkpoint, there were three people. We checked again later and there were still very few people, about 5. There were also very few people entering although the number increased later following the arrival of some taxis at the same time and there was a hold up at the carousel.

On the cars checkpoint, there were 12 cars but although this is not many, the process seemed very slow and more meticulous than usually. At first we thought the checkpoint was closed but it was just very slow. Initially only one side was open but afterwards the second was opened as well. We timed one of the taxis in the queue and it took 12 minutes.


On the way to Beit Furik there were two trucks at the checkpoint. On the way back there was one truck.

Beit Furik

We arrived at the checkpoint at 0855 and stayed a couple of minutes.

There were six cars going through in both directions.