'Anabta, 'Azzun, Eyal, Irtah, Qalqiliya, Thu 7.5.09, Morning

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Shoshanah Z.T., Nina S. (Reporting) Translation: Bracha B.A.

07:00 Irtah:  According
to Yaron from the Ministry of Defence whom we spoke with, the checkpoint
is supposed to open at 4:30.  Yaron explained that there are no
more examination posts because there is no budget, and this is a decision
of the Ministry of Defence.  He also said that all the people who
pass through are counted, and there are never more than 3,000 people
in one day.  We met Ziona and Didika who will report what took
place in the morning.  Yaron said that if the checkpoint would
open earlier people would arrive even earlier.  During the time
we were there the checkpoint was still open and a lot of cars were waiting
in the parking lot to go through. 

7:20 We observed the checkpoint
at A-Ras from a distance, and it was not operating.

07:30, Anabta: When we arrived
people were moving through the checkpoint quickly with almost no check. 
When we stood and watched each car was checked by peeking into all its
parts, including the trunk.  The soldier performed all the checks
with one hand while he held a cigarette in the other and smoked. 
These were the same soldiers who tried to evict us from the checkpoint
two weeks earlier.  Now they said nothing, but we had the feeling
that they are checking more.  After a short time we distanced ourselves
from the checkpoint and continued observing from a distance.  The
soldiers began to let most of the cars go through without being checked. 
Perhaps we are imagining it, but it would be preferable to stand further
away and things would remain as usual.  Drivers exiting were questioned
briefly, but there were no significant delays. 

08:50 Near Kedumim: On the hill
in the orchard opposite the pink house there is a cave, and the settlers
have built a structure at the entrance to it and there are people there. 

09:00 Azzun – The entrance
is completely open.

09:10: Qalqilya: People are
moving through quickly and there is a short line at the entrance to
the city.  Occasionally a car is checked or the driver is questioned. 

09:40: We drove through the
Eyal Checkpoint that was completely empty despite the fact there were
taxis waiting next to it waiting for passengers.  All the projectors
are working – and I thought that the Army has budget problems! 
The objective was to become familiar with the place in order to visit
there in the future.