Qalandiya, Thu 7.5.09, Morning

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Netanya, G. Mili M. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
6.45 Kalandiya
On our way we observed about 10 cars in Atarot.
There were about 250 people in front of the external turnstiles. All entrances were open, the "humanitarian" gate was closed and it seems as though it did not open at all to-day, since all women and children waited at the regular lines. We called the Moked  and were promised that it will be taken care of, the soldier and the glass booth (who was responsive) also called. It took another additional two calls and 25 minutes for the policeman to come in a very leisurely pace, chatting along on the phone and with the security people who came with him. What is the hurry? There was a sick babyinfo-icon carried in his mother's arms. That was the only time that this gate opened, but admittedly the regular lines moved quite rapidly, as the crowd was dwindling. In fact the pace of the regular lines was reasonable all morning, as we observed and also  heard form two UNRWA men who were there since 5.30 in the morning. 
UNRWA is sampling the CPs, since there is a new instructions that they can  pass only through the CP. They also found out that 39% the passengers in Kalandiya have the status of refugees and are under their jurisdiction, so they are going to come from time to time to watch over the situation. .
A woman who works regularly at the Frendh Hill and has a permit, that its renewal time is June 1st, came to ask for help. Her permit was taken yesterday at the CP at 5.30 in the afternoon. The Officer Kabalan in his usual helpful attitude went to inquire about it and told her that it will take some time before they can clear what happened with the permit. While she was waiting, she told us that the female soldiers detained her yesterday at the CP,  told her to get into a room and each in her turn told her when she will be allowed to get out: In August, in November, in December, after half an hour they let her out and took her permit. We left her waiting for Kabalan's inquires, but Netnaya gave her phone number.