Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 6.5.09, Afternoon

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Racheli B-A., Mika S. Sharon L. (reporting); Natanya translating

14.00 Shomron crossing

We were stopped at the side and Hamdan was asked for his Id. Ours were not asked for of course.

14.30 Za'tara

8 cars from the direction of Nablus.

14.50 Huwwara

Two checking posts and a humanitarian one. The lines are not full and there are no detaineesinfo-icon. About 15 cars wait at the exit from Nablus. A bus is checked. The passengers start to get in. At one side a car is detained and a dog and trainer are checking. The x-ray machine is also working.

At 15.00 a military police car arrives, two soldiers get out and the car goes on its way. We do not know how long the bus had been detained but now it goes on its way. The dog is still in the car. Two men stand at the side far off. The checking takes a long time and the dog checks again and again. In the end the dog gets out and the soldier also checks from the front seat to the back. The men are allowed to leave.

The car lane moves slowly. Today the drivers are not being bothered and they stand at the entrance to Nablus trying to find passengers.

15.30 When we left the checkpoint a soldier stands in front of the cars entering Nablus behind the cement blocks on which he leans his rifle in the direction of whoever is approaching.

16.00. Beit Furik

Cars are again being checked. 4 cars wait to enter Nablus and two at the exit. There is a new slogan here....."Na Nah Nahm Nahman Meumam" in silver and gold. The commander of the parachutists came up to ask and answered politely. He says that the checking of cars is random. The roof which has been at the pedestrian crossing has been taken off and the commander says that there are renovations so that the passage to Beit Furik should be straight with no slipping through. While we were there the checking was not really random. It seemed that every car was checked, both entering and exiting, at a level that was either careful checking or just looking at the driver. The commander praised us for our presence and actions and wished us a good day. Words that we don't usually receive and definitely not at Beit Furik.

16.50 Za'tara

16 cars in the direct ion of road 5.