'Anabta, 'Azzun, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Thu 21.5.09, Morning

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Shoshana Z., Nina S. (reporting); Natanya translating

7.10 Ar-Ras

From afar there is no checkpoint and the passage is open.

7.15 Anabta

There is only one lane. The passage is free and the soldier at the one checking area is sleeping. (See a photo). The passage is such that one car waits while another comes from the other side and so there is no jam. Now and again a car waits for a soldier to wave his hand (they are obviously afraid of transgressing), but there is no one to do so and the soldier who is not sleeping is busy on the phone and so after hesitating they gather their courage and go through.

The coffee vendor complains that the captain forbade him to pass and sell coffee on the side of Nablus. According to the captain here it is Israel and no Palestinian has the right to sell here. Today he did go through and no one bothered him. Another coffee seller is also forbidden to do so and to go over on foot by the soldiers, but after a short conversation he convinces them that he is permitted.

8.50 Next to Qedumim the settlement on the mountain is working. The shed has been enlarged and they are wandering around there.

8.55 At the crossroads at the entrance to the village of Imatin there is a flying border police checkpoint. They check the IDs of two cars and all the others go through. They say this is their job here.

9.00 Azzun is open.

9.10 Qalqiliya

The passage is fairly fast and now and again there is a check. At the side is a police car giving a ticket to a driver who did not have his safety belt on. The soldiers send another two cars to the police with some complaint, but the policeman frees them. Then he leaves.

Shoshana stood at the west of the sign which announces that this is the entrance to Palestine and is sent by the soldier to stand at the east of the sign. When she complains that she is then not in the shade she is ignored. All this led to a delay of the passage because the soldier went to speak to her. This does not bother him. They also asked me to leave, but in any case we intended doing so.