'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Tue 2.6.09, Morning

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Nurit W., Yael P.(reporting)
 Translator:  Charles K.

A quiet morning, as in most of our shifts lately. 

We entered through Shomron Gate, drove by Azzun Atma.  A number of Israeli cars waited for workers.  Very few - they came only in dribs and drabs.  It was already late (after 8 AM).

Other than at the Shomron checkpoint, where a very long line of cars waited to enter Israel, we saw very few military or police vehicles on the roads.

We saw no activity related to evacuation of "ma'achazim" (unauthorized settlement points).

On our way home we drove on the Yitzhar-Burin road and came back to Israel through the Eliyahu gate.  We saw no unusual numbers of military or police vehicles all along this road as well.

There was very light traffic at Huwwara, almost no one leaving and very few entering the city.  The line of cars isn't very long (about 13), and they go through without delay.

While we were there a taxi driver was stopped and warned, in our presence, not to come near the turnstile through which people were entering.  He didn't obey, and was arrested...

The soldiers behaved quietly and calmly, we didn't hear voices raised, and the checkpoint commander, 2nd Lt. A., was polite and courteous to us, smiling, pleasant.

At Beit Furik cars entering were delayed slightly because more things were being dismantled - now concrete barriers were being removed..

At Huwwara about three cars waited to exit.