Huwwara, Thu 21.5.09, Afternoon

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Fathia A. Hanna C. (reporting); Natanya translating

14.15 We arrived. At the entrance to the checkpoint the sign on the stone wall on which is written that this is solely a Palestinian area has been covered by a notice stating that on Lag Ba'Omer the settlers would be lighting flares at Homesh. So another flame is added to the fire. The pedestrian line is short and quick about 10 minutes. Cars stretch out in the distance and take 35 minutes to get through. The end is not in sightThe commander, A., is polite but determined. He does not allow us to stand at the passage from Nablus. Besides that the routine continues with no special happenings.  

16.00 On the way at the Za'tara cross-
roads 22 cars are waiting.