Deir Sharaf, Mon 8.6.09, Morning

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Nina S., Gabi (guest), Ronny S. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

8:05  "Shvut Ami", a shack or a shed on the hill, and a lone person praying next to it.

There's a new sign on the road down from the Jit junction at the turn to Nablus, near the junction, pointing toward Shavei Shomron (on the new road that has just been opened to Shavei Shomron).  Near the turn to Nablus the signs of the fire set by the settlers are visible, olive trees and a field of wheat.

8:15  Deir Sharaf (Barrels) checkpoint.

We park at the cement block factory and are welcomed.

The wheat harvest continues near the checkpoint, people using sickles and holding sheaves.

Cars enter freely; there's a dog handler and inspections of cars leaving.  While a car is being inspected, other cars continue through freely.  An inspection lasts about 7 minutes.

Two soldiers come over to talk to us.  Nina knows one of them from the Shavei Shomron checkpoint.  He says there aren't any soldiers there today (only at the entrance to the base), and passage to Jenin is completely free.

8:45  We leave.