Eyal Crossing, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Qalqiliya, יום ג' 23.6.09, אחה"צ

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Dalia Forman, Dvorka Oreg (Reporting) Translation: Bracha


2:45 - Eliyahu Crossing - About 20 cars are waiting at the entrance to Israel and crossing is going smoothly.  

There is no checkpoint at Qalqilya. 

3:15 - Deir Sharaf - The soldiers are not stopping cars.

3:30 - Anabta - Reservists are letting all cars pass without any inspection.  They explained that that was the procedure for the day and that there were no more than three or four cars in line on other days as well.  

3:45 - Irtah Crossing - When we arrives there were about 50 people waiting and only one window was open.  Several minutes after we talked with two guards (?) at the side gate about the congestion two more windows were opened, and the line moved quickly.  When there was still a crows we were told by the workers that there was no problem and that the difficulties were in the morning when they often had to wait for an hour and a half.

4:40 - Eyal Crossing - 3 inspections booths are open and there is no waiting line, but people here also complained about waiting for hours in the morning.