Deir Sharaf, Qalqiliya, Wed 3.6.09, Morning

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Nוra R., Chana P. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

8:50  Random inspections of those leaving, and a line begins to form.  Traffic entering flows freely.  Israeli vehicles aren't allowed to pass.  A pickup truck carrying young men is stopped at the exit; they're made to get out of the truck, their ID's checked, they lift their shirts, and they can continue to the next checkpoint.

9:30  A line of 15 cars at the entrance, but traffic flows.  Drivers waiting on line called encouragement to us.  Israeli Arabs who live in Qalqilya may only enter the city in a vehicle registered in their name (not that of a family member).  Not having any choice, they park before getting to the checkpoint and take a taxi into Qalqiliya.