'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 29.6.09, Afternoon

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Alice P. and Didika Y. (reporting)


We went through the checkpoint at 1520 on the way to Huwwara and at around 1705 on the way back. There were very few cars.



We arrived at the checkpoint at 1530 and stayed until 1640.


The checkpoint was quiet. There were few taxis in the parking area. We were told both by one of the drivers and one of the soldiers that all taxis are allowed through the checkpoint and therefore, the passengers do not need to change taxis at the checkpoint.


We stayed a few minutes by the pedestrian exiting checkpoint and only about 10 people crossed during the time we were there.


In the cars checkpoint, there were about 30 cars waiting to exit and few entering. Some of the cars and passenger ID’s were examined by the soldiers. We timed one of the cars waiting to exit and it took 8 minutes.


One of the taxis was held at the side of the road, the passengers were asked to get off and there seemed to be an argument. We asked the DCO to check what was going on and he explained that the driver refused at first to allow the dog to enter the car for inspection but afterwards agreed and was allowed to proceed after 15 minutes.


Another car was held at the side of the road and the driver, a very old man, was asked to get off while the car was being inspected. An old man standing in the sun, a young soldier guarding him, gum pointed, another soldier and a dog inspecting his car…We were thinking how disturbing this image is.


On the way to Beit Furik there were two cars at the checkpoint. On the way back there was one truck.

 Beit Furik

We arrived at the checkpoint at 1645 and stayed a few minutes.


The checkpoint was very quiet and very few cars crossed while we were there.


The checkpoint building is not there anymore.