Jaba (Lil), Mon 13.7.09, Afternoon

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Yael I and Ilana D. (reporting

From 2:30 till 500 PM

Givat Zeev CP, Qalandia, Leel and Anata

The construction of the improved Givat Zeev CP looks almost finished. An
ormoous crane was fixing the roof. A car exited the building site of the
wall nearing completion next to it and its woman driver asked us about ‘our'
rights. The commander of the CP came out to chat with us and is convinced
the wall and the CP's are a necessity for our security. Despite the fact
that he claims all Palestinians, including the Israelis are dangerous he has
not voted for Lieberman, whom he called an extremist. So far (the CP is not
finished yet) only serves pedestrians who have to pass through long cages,
and only those Palestinians who work in the construction of Givat Zeev -
there must be huge plans for its extension if there is a special CP only for

We continued to Qalandia and found the CP near the entrance to Atarot not
manned. There was a big crowd (more than fifty people) waiting to get out of
the CP into Jerusalem - the turnstiles (after the completion of all
investigations) apparently were stuck. People, many with small kids and
babies, waited patiently - there was no shoving or pushing. After about ten
minutes the gatesinfo-icon moved again and all left one by one.

A man who asked for Netanya greeted us on the other side.  There was a long
line, but when we arrived a special line was opened for holders of blue Id' - we joined that line. Our Id's were scrutinized extremely carefully, it was not clear exactly why, but it was a little embarrassing, because we felt we were holding up the queue. Nobody complained.

We were not checked when we exited with the car, but at the roundabout we
saw a big graffiti sign on a concrete slab telling us that Israelis could
not use the road to reach Adam and Beit El - we ignored it. At Leel a
soldier (sitting down and resting - it was a hot day) watched the cars
approaching from the opposite side - our side was not manned. We drove along
the road to Mishor Adumim hoping to find the Bedouin school built of used
car tires on which Amira Hass had written that day, but we couldn't find it
among the shacks built in the wadi near the quarry. We returned and drove
via Hizme to reach Anata. There is still major construction going on South
of the CP. A long line of vehicles entered unchecked. Again our Id's were
checked meticulously when we exited.