'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 25.6.09, Afternoon

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Maya G.- Z. Yehudit L. (reporting and Photographing); Natanya translating

14.50 The entrance to Zeita is closed as always. Entrance to Zeita is blockedAnd also on our way back.

14.55 Za'tara. The western post is not manned. In the parking lot the blue police were giving out tickets. From the north 2 posts manned and in each a soldier checking and one guarding him. No cars waiting.

15.06 No cars waiting and armed soldiers at the checking post.

15.10 Beit Furik. The media speaks of checkposts being taken down and alleviations in passage. It is true that the pedestrian shed has been taken down and now only cars go through and not pedestrians. Whose ID's and parcels where checked in the past.  

We parked next to the yellow gate close to the village which used once to be the coffee shop. We had not even crossed the apartheid road and already the shouts of the soldiers were heard shouting that it was a closed army area, not to photograph. A quote, "I will break the camerainfo-icon" and again, "I swear I will break the camera." We stand next to the red sign which announces Area A. Cars checked at the entrance to Beit Furik

Only one route is open and the other is blocked with red plastic and half of it removed so as to allow a command car to go through which then stops to chat with the soldiers and delays the rest of the traffic. On the road for the first time we see signs which are usual where the traffic is orderly. But because only one route is to be used the cars have to go from route to route and so they go over the white line. Interesting to know when the blue police will come to give out tickets.

Also we open our eyes in amazement. In the lane which is at the exit of Nablus in the direction of Beit Furik on the road, before the apartheid road which leads from Itamar to Elon Moreh and on which Palestinians may not travel .....we see two arrows which go right and left as if the good times have arrived and there is no more an apartheid road.  Truly? No and no. No Palestinian will dare because if he does he will be punished to travel on the forbidden road. The question must be asked from whom are these arrows meant. To the God of the Americans the answer. Confusing arrows

The checking is random. Sometimes passengers have to get out. The inside of the car and the baggage compartment is checked. While we were there we heard the abuse heaped upon us. When we left the soldiers shouted "Get the hell out of here" and made the sign with the finger....prick. A resident of Beit Furik told us that the checkpoint closes at 23.00 and opens at 04.30.

15.45 Awarta. 2 cars being checked. On the way to the village south of the checkpoint we saw army cars at a place which seems to be used for rifle practice.  (not far from the DCO).

15.47 Huwwara. There is no pressure in the parking lot and at the checkpoint under the shed little movement. We did not see students today. The humanitarian line passed quickly. A young man who tried to go through there was sent back and told to go through according to orders. The young men's lane is empty. From the microphone comes a shout that he may not speak on the phone.  He puts in the ID into the hole and goes to the x-ray to have his bag checked. Goes back to take the ID and smiles at us. From the closed booth comes a voice of a soldier telling us not to be at the checkpoint. The woman soldier says "Also that the Arabs should not be here."]

In the parking lot people say that in another week the pedestrian lane will no longer work. At the lane of the cars entering Nablus we did not see any checking but when we left there was a traffic jam at the entrance to Nablus because of an Israeli car which was not allowed to enter the city. A random check for cars leaving the city. No long line and one can count the number of cars waiting.

16.40 The checkpoint of Za'tara. 17 cars from the north and one checking post.