Reihan, Shaked, Sat 18.7.09, Morning

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Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)

06:55 Reihan CP
The upper parking lot is empty. Only the roadblock is closed. It will open a little bit after 07:00 together with the announcement, "Begin the streaming!" There are no cars at the entrance. A yellow taxi is waiting "to leave." The workers of the CP are getting ready to begin their operations. From our observation point we see people entering in groups of five; some groups are occasionally turned back to aensure good order. We also see A.'s Transit arriving and departing, arriving and departing ....

07:07: The first people to leave the terminal are on their way to the seamline zone. One of them is angry because we are standing outside and do not enter to see how crowded it is inside. At about 07:15 the parade of groups of five stalled at the entrance ends. Afterwards, M., who arrives, enters immediately. The exit from the terminal is very slow.

Beginning at about 07:20, we see a long queue and a big crowd at the inspection window, and in the passage leading up to it. At 07:35, a second post was opened and remained in operation until 07:50. At that time all the passages that we could see were empty. From time to time, a person reached the inspection window.

Going through from entrance to exit took between 15 and 20 minutes.

In comparison with past Saturdays, there were many people going through this time. The seamstresses also went through, after we hadn't seen them for a long time.

Complaints that we heard:
There is a woman inspector at the window who always yells at us. Not only today. Always;
In the rooms - they put all of us into the inspection rooms;
It is very crowded;
They work slowly;
They inspect every little thing.

Praise (?) that we heard:
Here they are all "sensitive souls."
08:10 - A bus is inspected. People are waiting in the garden near the road. We did not see any cars entering for inspection. We did see four cars leaving the new inspection area.

08:20 There are ten Transits in the upper parking lot.
08:25 - We left Reihan.
08:35 - Shaked CP
The Armored Corps flags are waving in the camp.
Near the CP there are six "security" vehicles. We did not understand why. A jeep belonging to the blue civilian police, a pickup truck of the commander and another three military jeeps (two on the other side of the fence, one near the soldiers doing inspection).
The passage goes on as usual. Here, too, there was more traffic than  we saw in the past.
08:50  We left.