Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 14.6.09, Morning

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Orna P., Sara B.-S. (reporting)

6.45 in the morning - Eyal passage - at the square there is the hustle-bustle before people are referred to different work places. Contractors wait in their cars for workers. Many get on taxis to Rosh Ha-Ayin. Beyond the fence we can see several tens of the last workers who are waiting for the security checks. A quarter of an hour later their number rises to about hundred. Workers continue arriving at the border passage all the time, and the queue becomes longer and longer. A contractor allots his worker about 40 minutes for the passage, but he hasn't come out yet.

7.15 Irtah passage. The last workers are passing. The square is almost empty.

7.30 Jubara. The CP commander asks by radio communication whether we are allowed to pass and asks us to draw away from the CP until he gets a reply. Settlers who pass in their cars spray curses. The authorization is received but it is impossible to open the gate because the new electric barrier isn't functioning and it's impossible to pass. We ask to enter by means of the protective fence road but get the reply: this road is intended for the army only.

8.00 Anabta. The CP has been moved temporarily in the direction of the junction because of the work that is performed on the original site of the road and the CP. There are hardly any cars at both sides of the CP. There is a

8.45 The signboard which announces the Palestinian Authority's area, has been moved forward. The barrier doesn't function.  There is a hostel and sports club with a wonderful park near Beit Iba, called "Al Madina". The club served the higher class of the population and hasn't been active since a few years. It has been reopened. In the past they explained to us that the closureinfo-icon of the club is connected with the long delay at the Beit Iba CP and back from it. It caused people to waive the trip. Today, as the barrier has been removed, the club has been reopened.

9.00 We leave.