Eyal Crossing, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Te'enim Crossing, Tue 21.7.09, Afternoon

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Dvorka O., Bruria R., (reporting)

3.20 Eliyahu PassageThere hardly is any vehicle traffic

 3.40 Deir Sharaf (Haviot) - announcements asking for reports to "settlements operation room"  about "killing alerts" are posted everywhere possible, including on the main signboard forbidding the passage to the A area.

 From time to time the soldiers at the CP stop taxis leaving  Deir Sharaf for checking.

 4.15 Teenim CP - 20 vehicles with a yellow number plate are waiting in the lane for those who are not "eligible for the law of return"...

 For entering Israel we passed in full speed!

 4.20 Irtah - When we arrived there were two work-stations active for a few minutes. The workers arrived in waves, and the waiting-time was about three minutes. From then on, for about an hour, only one work-station was active. From time to time a long and packed queue of about 70 people was accumulated. We talked with the guard at the rear gate. He called the shift administrator at the installation to answer us, and all he could tell us was that the number of active work-stations was determined by the situation of their manpower. At any rate it seemed to us that nobody is exerting himself unduly. We talked with the girl-soldier at the Tulkarem DCO, who seemingly called the installation to find out why there weren't enough active work-stations.

 At 5.15 suddenly 3 work-stations were opened.

 5.40 Eyal -the passage is almost empty and there are only few people passing. Nevertheless we measured about about three minutes from the entrance to the exit.