'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 2.7.09, Morning

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Shoshanah Z. Nina S. (reporting); Natanya translating

7.00 Jubara. The soldiers have to get permission to allow us into the village. We had to remind them three times and in the meantime the operation room said they did not know which gate was meant. Permission was given but we had to wait for the patrol to come and open as the soldiers could not. We waited half an hour and gave up. From the main road one could see that the checkpoint of Ar-Ras was not manned.

7/45 Anabta There are two lanes. At the entrance the drivers are looked at and at the exit now and again they are stopped to be checked and questioned. There were few lines when we arrived and these melted away quite quickly. Generally the traffic passed smoothly but the army was watchful. One truck was sent back to Tulkarm and we could not find out why. In other words it is not free and open.

9.15 Shvut Ami. The cave and the shed seem to be abandoned and the shed itself is pretty rundown and there is no flag.  Between the almond trees there is a shed which is new to us but we saw no signs of activity.

9.35 Qalqiliya.  When we arrived a big truck stood at the checkpoint with a hoist and we saw to our joy two cementer blocks being taken up and loaded. To our sorrow this was all that the truck took ...so part of the checkpoint was taken and not all of it.

The passage is free but at the side of the road is a temporary pillbox which is protected by low cement walls and 4 soldiers have their weapons at the ready. They do not check the passage but watch what is taking place. It is worth while to go down to the road and to make a small detour. In short those passing are still being watched.