Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Te'enim Crossing, Thu 30.7.09, Afternoon

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Karin L., Raphaela (guest from Italy), Ethica D. (reporting) Trans: Louise L.

14.30  Te'enim Checkpoint

The Blue Police stops us. Where are you from? Machsomwatch? What? From where? Machsomwatch. I've never heard about it. Enjoy the view. (View-watch??) 

14.45  Anabta

We are impressed by the reconstruction of the checkpoint. Cars are driving through in both directions without delay. 

15.10  Irtah

We are standing next to the exit from Tulkarem. Three women, three children and one man are waiting to be let through in order to get their magnetic cards at the District Coordinaton Office. They have already been standing for half an hour in the burning heat of July.

We promise to talk with the other side, and so we do. We are pleased when after a few minutes the gate opens and the women pass through. The man, who is standing out in his white clothes, tells us that he saw us at Anabta. We think of the long way he has made and the checkpoints he has had to pass to reach Tira. Quite unnecessary, don't you think? 

15.30  One contractor's car after the other arrives and the workers get out on their way home from one more day of work in Israel. Once in a while a man turns to us with the words "thank you, thanks to you things become a little easier. Come every day, it helps."

One of the men, Gamal, tells us that since the item on Channel 10 they are allowed to bring more food and drink. He is the one that was interviewed.

We notice that at this hour, late afternoon, many workers return home. When the line gets longer an additional security position is opened. We measure the time they have to wait, five minutes per person.  

16.15  Eyal

Cars with workers are arriving. The moment the workers leave the cars they disappear into the terminal. We do not stay.  

We drive on through Tzofen to the checkpoint at Eliyahu. There is a long line of trucks, but the traffic is flowing.