Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, 'Azzun, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Qalqiliya, Thu 6.8.09, Afternoon

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Smadar H. and Deborah L. (reporting)

Eyal 14:50 - There was a light flow of workers returning from work to the terminal.


Irtach 15:04 - The same was true for this terminal.


Anabta  15:26 – 16:00


There was a constant line of about 15 to 25 vehicles heading toward Tul Karm and about 10 to 15 vehicles coming from Tul Karm.  There seemed to be random checks where IDs would be examined. Other vehicles were waved on or were given a cursory glance.

The police were there and pulled vehicles aside checking their tires, IDs, etc.

A tow truck driver with a taxi on the back of his tow truck was pulled aside and had to wait about 10 minutes while one of the soldiers called in to check out his credentials. There is now room at this checkpoint to pull a vehicle aside and yet to continue the checking of other vehicles so that a traffic jam is not created.

According to our timing the last person in a line of about 27 vehicles going to Tul Karm had to wait 5 minutes from the time he got on line until he passed through. Even though this does not seem like a long time, one can still see the tension and hear the comments ("May God give us strength," or "How long is this going to go on?"). One doesn't know if he will be stopped and held up for one reason or another.

The soldiers asked us to stand back about 75 meters from their checking point. They later came and wanted to engage us in a conversation telling us how important the checkpoints are and how they are protecting us in Tel Aviv from suicide bombers. They were not wearing helmets and during the time they were talking to us the vehicles were allowed to pass by without even the random checks.

Azzun 18:00 - The entrance to Azun was open to traffic.

Qalqiliya 18:10 – 3 soldiers were in the tower off to the side but did not relate to the traffic going in and out of Qalqilyia which was moving freely. From here we wanted to go back to Eyal via the Tsufim checkpoint but we were not allowed to pass. Only Tsufim residents are allowed to pass through in that direction even though traffic is open coming from the west.

Checkpoint 109- Boarder -  18:15 – We saw about 4 workers being detained on their way back from Israel to the territories.