Beit Ummar, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 15.7.09, Morning

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Rahel M., Idit S., Drora P. (reporting)

06.50  AM, Bethlehem - Rachel’s Crossing:  the traffic is sparse and flows OK. Only two inspection stations are open at this hour but there are no queues.  An elderly man comes to the exit station with  a document for a medical appointment, with an earlier date. He asks to be allowed to go to a hospital in East Jerusalem for treatment to his leg. He doesn’t have a referral or an approval. He does not get a permit and returns home. If there were a doctor at the DCL perhps it would be possible to give him a transit permit; he is so helpless and miserable. 

Etzion DCL:  the usual situation.  People come to renew their magnetic cards and some of them ask to pass through the checkpoint. 

Al Arov, Beit Ummar:  the army is not present and there is no harassment ;   “We are pleased with Obama ”.