Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 16.8.09, Afternoon

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Yehudith B., Noa P. (reporting) Translator: Louise L.

This time, after coordinating with Nava, we took a different route starting at Anabta. Soldiers were keeping guard at the checkpoint, but while we were there they did not stop a single vehicle. They were all cars with yellow license plates.

We talked to the cab drivers who were waiting for work. They told us that the traffic at the checkpoint is flowing, adding that for a fact, work is becoming less and that they hardly make enough money to feed their families.

On our way back we were stopped at the Jubara checkpoint like everybody else. The female soldier asked us where we were going, and when we said Irtah and Eyal she was quite shocked. She asked us who we were, and when we told her she said, "Oh yes, the women who are against us." We told her that we are not against the soldiers and that we actually care about our country and want to make things better.

Both at Irtah and Eyal there was a lot of traffic and many workers were returning from work. Dozens of workers getting off buses and other vehicles passed through the gatesinfo-icon without delay. One of the workers explained to us that the problems arise in the morning when all the people are delayed in the security rooms on their way to work. According to him there are hardly any problems in the afternoon.