Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Tue 18.8.09, Afternoon

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Nava M., Bruria R (reporter
Translator: Orna B.

Anabta Checkpoint
From afar we saw that they were not checking the cars, but as soon as the soldiers saw us they started the inspections and the queue formed instantly. We understood that they were punishing the Palestinians for our presence. When we left they stopped the inspections both at the entrance and at the exit checkposts.

During our stay at the checkpoint there was chaos. Long queues formed, there was a huge congestion because occasionally they would close the entrance  and did not let people in, and when they re-opened it they only had two check posts, at times only one. People were tired, nervous and bitter, and even called to us:"Do something!" The congestion was unbearable when a large group of women and children arrived. Although one of the people there took upon himself the role of a seer so the women were let in first, but their inspection lasted a long time and the congestion outside increased.

Twice we approached the guard outside and asked him to report to those in charge about the situation and the need to open additional check posts. Each time he promised that it would be OK. Once there was a change of shifts when we got to the place and they promised things would improve.

But when saw no improvement we phoned the head of the DCO but he was not there. Miraculously at that  moment the pressure declined. He returned our call later when there no longer need for his intervention. 
Our assumption was that the large group of women caused the congestion and that apparently they do not think it necessary in such cases to increase the manpower and the number of check posts. 
There are no problems and traffic is flowing.