Deir Sharaf, Thu 27.8.09, Morning

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Shoshanah Z., Nina S. (reporting); Guest: Gabi A.; Natanya translating

8.15 Even before we arrive and were only walking towards the checkpoint two soldiers hurried over to us and said that we were not to dare to pass the cement blocks of the gate in front of the checkpoint. As we had no intention in any case of doing so this was not a problem. What a difference there is between the reserve soldiers from last week who invited us to stand in the shade and offered us water and the soldiers of this Hesder regiment whose hate can be felt from afar.

At the entrance in the direction of Nablus there is not checking and at the exit stood a taxi. 8.35 It turned around and went back to Nablus. It was not clear to us if it had come from Nablus or from the other direction and we could not find this out.

Other than that the traffic flowed from Nablus without any problems. The soldiers most of the time stood and chatted and nothing around them seemed to be of interest to them.