'Azzun, Deir Sharaf, Shave Shomron, Mon 24.8.09, Afternoon

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Bilha A. Yonah A.; Natanya translating

14.45 We crawl behind a long line of cars before the Eliyahu crossing. The passage itself is swift. There is work being done on the road to the east. Tractors and a roller. Part of the surface is roughened over and the blue police direct the traffic. Road 55 is heavy with traffic of Israeli cars and also Palestinian.

15.00 The road to Azzun is blocked with a high pile of rubble. Palestinian cars stand in front of this heap. The other road which goes down to Shave Shomron already reaches Route 60. At the end stand captains and soldier next to the cars.

15.15 We go down to the western side of the barrel checkpoint and go towards the checkpoint. 5 soldiers are standing and chatting under a net shelter. On of them, a reservist, comes up to us and shows us the house at the side of the road and explains that according to the orders we are not allowed to pass the imaginary line which he points out. We asked from where this order came and were told that it was from the brigade. A taxi full of passengers stands at the side and the woman driver walks around outside the car. Cars pass in both directions without being checked. Cars with yellow license plates are not allowed to continue in the direction of Nablus and are forced to go back.

15.30 The taxi which was delayed at the side of the road goes on its way.

A group of workers go down in the direction of Shave Shomron. A taxi waits at the opening of the quarry opposite to take them to Nablus.

In all the areas of the West Banks are coloured signs promoting the sale of a huge pizza which will be sent free of charge to all the Shomron.