Qalandiya, Sun 17.5.09, Morning

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Ronnie P. Ruthie R
Natanya translating.

06.45 Qalandiya -  There were  many people in the waiting area. Also next to the humanitarian gate , about 150 people were waiting. There was a tension in the air. One of the ecumenical workers shouted at Ronnie that this is impossible and ask her to speak to her Israeli friends to open. Ronnie tries to answer but he kept shouting.
7.10 The turnstile opened to let only 4 people through. Shouts and pushing. People shove and try to jump in. A policeman stands with his back to us and it is impossible to speak to him. We phoned to whoever it was possible to phone  and after half an hour I., the commander arrived and began to open the humanitarian lane.
7.40 The ordinary turnstile is opened  and 5 people go through. According to the documentation of the ecumenical workers the turnstiles opened less than in previous days. People are angry because only the humanitarian lane is advancing.
In the meantime also D., the commander of the checkpoint arrives. He said that they had made various suggestions to the army as to how to improve conditions but it is in their hands and "we" have not more to do with this. There is a very hard and hostile atmosphere in the entrance.
8.30 There are still three long lines, also the passage to the turnstiles. Those standing in the lines and say to us," Why are you here? You just look at us and you do nothing ".
9.30 The lines shrink.