'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 27.8.09, Morning

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Shoshana Z., Nina S. (reporting) Guest Gabi A


07:10 Jubara – 

a few cars are waiting on the side of the village for workers who come from the direction of Tul Karemor A-Ras. An illegal resident is detained on the side (sits in the shade this time) until the soldiers will get authorization to release him. The CP commander sent us to the Brigade commander – "if we have any questions". People who passed were registered.


07:40 Anabta.

 Passing cars are checked briefly from time to time. There are always those who don't dare to proceed until the soldier waves them on. But he is not at his station, or he can't be seen, and so a queue develops. It seems that the Ramadan does not affect the number of passing cars, that is to say the traffic is lively as usual. At a certain stage all the soldiers gather for a conversation. A truck arrives, doesn't dare to pass, and immediately a big queue is creates. 5 minutes later the soldiers notice it, wave to it to proceed and the queue dissolves quickly.


09:30 Qalqiliya – the CP is open. There are soldiers in the guard post at the side.


09:45 Ras a Tiya – few cars which pass quickly.