Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Thu 27.8.09, Morning

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Zipi Z. Mira B. (reporting)

trans. Revital S.
Meitar CP
empty of workers.
Road 60
The crossing points are open. Children are walking to school, as usual, a long walk on the highway. There are relatively many Palestinian vehicles but also a horse and cart!
BPs are stationed on the turning to the Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave -- namely, Curve 160. Two scull-capped and fringe-clothed soldiers are stationed at the Tel Rumeida CP. They are busily stopping every Palestinian pedestrian. Detaining people but only for a relatively short time. We noted the difference in body language of the Palestinians and the Tel Rumeida settlers. You can tell who is who from a distance. The former, before even reaching the curve where the soldiers are stationed cross over to the other side, as far away from the post as they can. They look downward or straight ahead, trying not to make eye contact with the soldiers, trying to disappear. The latter, walk straight on in the middle of the road.
We returned via Tarqumiya but found neither grapes nor dates.