Eyal Crossing, Wed 16.9.09, Morning

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Hanna A., Naomi L. (reporting)

Many cars belonging to the contractors are waiting in the compound. There are no people.

Announcement through the loudspeakers: All guards to the security positions. The light at the turnstile turns into green.

The first worker is coming out and after him others follow, most of them with their shoes in their hands.
Again they ask why they are not informed about the closing of the checkpoint before holidays.

The number of workers is growing. They complain saying that the only path leading to the terminal is narrow.
Worried about being late for the contractors many workers pass the checkpoint early, and then they have to wait for a long time.

The flow of workers passing through is renewed after a five-minute break. The workers complain saying that the checking is slow and overly thorough. They are being detained in the rooms for no obvious reason and sometimes they are x-rayed twice a day. They ask: “Do you want all the Palestinian people to get ill?”
Hanna immediately measures the number of people passing through in a minute. 25 people pass in a “quick minute”.
We are standing very close to the exit of the terminal. Meanwhile about 300 people have gathered in the parking area. They are praying together while the cars of the contractors are waiting all around, quite an unreal sight.

The prayer is over. Many workers keep on coming out and they tell us that the line on the other side is still long.

We leave. People look tired, maybe because of the end of the Ramadan, and dispirited since there seems to be no hope.