Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Sun 18.10.09, Morning

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Yael Tz., Noga (reporting)

Tran. by Naomi S.

Meytar CP
The CP was crowded and lively on both sides. On the Palestinian side, there were many prisoners' families, awaiting their permit to pass. The Red Cross coordinator said they were going to the Ramon prison. One of the vendors from the booths next to the CP told that there was a big jam there early in the morning. Beyond the CP there were many tracks, waiting to get their goods over.


Today we saw Golani (IDF brigade) flags hanging at the entrance to Kiryat Arba base for the first time. One of the signposts painted in the brigade's colors, which we managed to read in passing, announces "tomorrow (there's) war!

At "Hazon David" (synagogue), praying went on vigorously. At the entry to Hebron we saw many posters "Kahane was right" pasted on the gatesinfo-icon of shut down businesses. The soldiers at the CPs seems idle. We didn't see any detaineesinfo-icon, although pedestrian traffic was quite lively.

We returned via Tarquomiya. On our way there, we noticed that the Olive pathway opened for traffic, and so is the entry to Idna.


Here, too, there was a very long line of tracks awaiting check-up before transferring their goods.