'Anabta, 'Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Ras 'Atiya, Te'enim Crossing, Thu 22.10.09, Morning

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Shoshanna Z ., Nina S. (reporting)

Translator: Louise L.

7.00 - Teenim Gate
We are waiting for the key which has been lost, and there is only one copy. They promise to make another one. At the Childen’s Gate everything is quiet. The passage is quick. The entrance and exit permits are being checked. The school children passed through the gate a long time ago.

8.05 – Anabta
There are no soldiers at the security positions, only at the pillbox. We decide to walk over to the other side of the fence, and nobody cares. The car traffic is delayed once in a while, when a driver does not dare to pass and is waiting for a soldier to give him a sign to drive on. After some time they realize that there are no soldiers, so they pass the checkpoint carefully. When we pass the checkpoint we see spider nets between the security position and the fence. It seems a long time has passed since somebody walked through the checkpoint.

9.40 – Azun
Both the main entrance and the entrances on the side are oopen.

9.55 – Rsa Atia
A truck is driving towards the West Bank. Some women together with some small girls struggle to get off to get their permits checked. One of the women is sent to be checked in the building. They return, climb up onto the truck, which drives on.  The whole procedure takes 10 minutes.
Some children with a wagon arrive from Ras Atia. They wait for some time, and after talking with the soldiers they return.

A car with a two year old girl looking very ill arrives from Ras Atia. The father tells us that they were at the hospital yesterday, and now they are going back. The father is sent to be checked in the building, and it takes 15 minutes until they are allowed to drive on. Why all this harassment, when it is quite evident that they are all Palestinians, and there is no reason why they should not be able to enter Palestine freely?
Who knows?