'Anabta, Eliyahu Crossing, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 26.10.09, Morning

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Nina S., Yona A.


06:40.We arrived at the agricultural gate, behind the Alfardos plant nursery. A few dozens of Palestinians stand near the gate. Two soldiers stand opposite them, and one soldier in the observation post. Nobody passes. A few moments later three young men approach the soldiers, show ID cards and are sent aside to the closed building, where they are checked for a few moments, come out with belts in their hands, organize themselves and proceed on their way. Now the sequence of the cycle becomes apparent: three in the building, three at the gate in front of the building, three are talking to the soldiers and show them the papers, and three proceed and stand at a distance from the group. Each cycle lasts about three minutes. According to the Palestinians the gate was opened at 06:30 today. 

Ras Atiya

07:00 We continue driving on the road to Alfei Menashe on our way to the gate at Ras Atiya. Dozens of cars move in a long queue from Alfei Menashe in the direction of Israel. Along the damaged road to Ras Atiya boys, girls and children walk to school.

The gate is open. The soldiers check the cars which leave the village. The students enter the village without delays. 

07:10 A minibus full of passengers arrives from the village. The men come out and go to be checked in a closed building. The women remain in the car and are not checked. This gate too was opened, according to the Palestinians, at 06:30. 

07:20 On our way back to Road no. 60 we find ourselves in a traffic jam which begins at Alfei Menashe. At the junction policemen direct the traffic and the jam dissolves quickly.

Eliyahu Passage

07:40 Dozens of workmen wait in front of the turnstiles in order to be checked and go out to work. The checking is delayed, nobody passes, and the workmen are exasperated, they will be late for work. According to them they arrive early at the CP and wait for hours. A contractor from Jayyus tells us that he arrived at 05:30 together with a few workmen. They work at Alfei Menashe. He hasn't passed till now and at 15:30 he must already hurry back. His working day is shortened and he looses money. 

07:45 A soldier approaches the closed turnstile and shouts at the workmen to move back. Still nobody passes. 

07:50 A Palestinian leaves the building and three pass through the turnstile that was opened and locked immediately. A military policeman comes up to me and asks me to move away from the area. "This is a closed military area. There is a Brigadier-injunction which says that you are allowed to stand at a distance of 100 meters from the CP". I wanted to see the decree and he asked me to talk to his officer. I preferred to return to the car. Nina contacted the humanitarian center, the girl soldier who answered wrote our complaint down and promised to find out what the reason for the delay was. 

At 09:30 when we returned to the passage we saw only three people sitting under the shed. 

The entrance to Azzun is open.


08:55 There are no soldiers at the watch booths on the side of the road.