Deir Sharaf, Thu 22.10.09, Morning

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Shoshana Z., Nina S. (reporting) (Chana S. translating)


Deir Sharaf.  Most pass through. A car is detained exiting Nablus, all the doors are opened and a dog is brought to inspect. The car is released after 8 minutes.  Soldiers are posted only at the position exiting Nablus.
A bus arrives from the west – and is stopped, blocking the lane.  It moves backwards and forwards and takes a long time till finally standing at the side.  Meanwhile all the traffic is held up and an enormous queue builds up in both directions.

Now soldiers approach to talk to us, who are we and what are we doing.  When the bus finally succeeded in parking I asked if they couldn’t release the queues. ‘Let  them wait’ was the reply.  But they returned to their positions and at 8.50 the passage was again opened and the cars, more than 100, proceeded slowly on their way.  The bus passengers now got off the bus and it is unclear what was checked (we were standing far away and were warned not to dare to come closer).  At 9.10 the passengers returned to their bus and it was released. 

From time to time a car exiting Nablus would be stopped and released after a few minutes’ checking. 

Next to the rise towards Shave Shomron, at the junction of route 60, mature olive trees have been planted.  Are these the ones that were uprooted when the new road to shave Zion was paved?  Let us hope so and that their owners will be allowed to harvest them.