Eliyahu Crossing, Ras 'Atiya, Wed 4.11.09, Morning

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Michal B., Hanna P. (reporting)

Translation: Galia S.

Eliyahu Passage

06:00 – As soon as we arrive, two soldiers come from the checkpoint and demand that we leave the place. The reason given is that it's dangerous to talk to the workers that haven't been checked yet. We argue that there is nowhere any sign saying that our presence there is prohibited.


From the workers we hear some things that are news to us: All workers who cross here work in Alfei Menashe. When they get to the settlement's gate, the permit and the magnetic card are taken from them and returned when they leave.

With the coming winter, they fear they can be exposed to rain without any sheltering for an hour or two.

Ras Atiya
06:50 – The checkpoint is very quiet and the soldiers are relaxed. A few workers pass the inspection and there is no line.

At 07:00 an empty bus leaves the village and 20 minutes later returns with children, passing without inspection.