'Anata, Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Thu 3.12.09, Morning

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Caludia di Martino, Mili M. (reporting)

6.50 Anata

After some weeks that I did not see reports from Anata, we went there at the rush hour in this CP. It was a tense morning, a long standing feud between two families from the camp erupted into violent fight during the night, there was shooting, houses burnt and  youn\g man who tried to separate the fighting parties was shot and killed.

There were no less than 14 Police vehicles next to the CP and by the trffic lights, but the traffic at the CP was flowing as usual with the many children passing fluently and the usual long line of cars and traffic jam at the traffic light. Every body was quiet and grim.  

8.00 Qalandia

There was nobody at the external turnstiles, still the passage through the "sleeves" lasted 10 minute, on 3 were open.

When we came we met the EAPPI who were at the end of their shift. We were told that it was quite awful at 5, only one turnstile was open, only at 6 o'clock a new shift came and all 3 opened. Apparently this pattern was observed one more in the past. The "humanitarian gate " opened only every 20 minutes, although there were many people waiting. Hanna Barag operated as a Machomwatch form her home, as the EAPPI called her for help. 


Traffic flows without any interruption.