'Anabta, 'Azzun, Jit, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 9.11.09, Morning

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Frances T. (reporting) Nina S.; Translation: Charles K.

07.00 There are about 20 Palestinians waiting to cross into "Israel".  2 teenage boys come across to our side.  When we ask them where they are going, they reply "Jaljuliya".A slow stream of labourers comes through in ones and twos.  A horse and cart go through without being checked.

07.15 We leave.  The checkpost is quiet.
07.25 Ras Atiyah.  Two cars are waiting to go through.  The children on their way to school pass without a check.  Two buses with pupils make their way through, the driver and any other adult on board disembarks for checking.  We see a Palestinian detained by the soldiers.  A few minutes later, an Israeli police car rolls up and the P's papers and ID are taken.  After 15 minutes the police car drives past us and we ask why the P. was detained.  The reply: " He is an infiltrator".  The "infiltrator" is sent back to his village.
We leave at 8 am.

Shaar Eliyahu - very little activity and virtually empty.
08.10 Azoun is open and nothing to see of the barbed wire and earth mounds.  

08.20    Jit junction - We note a jeep by the side of the road observing.
09.00 Anabta.  As usual, the post is deserted except for one soldier who we see washing himself at the water trailer.  The cars go through unhindered.