'Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 19.11.09, Morning

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Esti W. and Naava E.

Translation: Hanna K.  

"Welcome to Golani"

06:30 At the Samaria Gate eastwards there is no CP nor any checking.
At the 26th kilometer there is a rolling CP of the blue police, one lane is blocked and all the drivers brake forcefully.

The entrance to Marda is open, the blockage at Zeita is in force.

06:50 The Za'tara\Tapuah junction:
The CP from Ariel to the junction is not manned. On the road leading up from Huwwara there is a long queue of 18 vehicles. Only one checking lane is active, apart from the humanitarian lane. There is no border police jeep opposite the entrance to Beita. It drives slowly on the main road and creates a convoy behind it.

Burin\Yitzhar: empty.

07:10 Beit Furik:
Two Golanchiks stop a vehicle on its way to Nablus. The six young men and their vehicle are thoroughly checked, including a corporal check of each of them. When we asked since when the instructions are for such a strict check at the entrance to the town we were answered with – "welcome to Golani".
They too hadn't heard about Machsom Watch.
07:20 Awarta:
There is no queue and there is no girl dog trainer. The checking of the passing vehicles is perfunctory and polite.

07:25 Huwwara:
A lively traffic of vehicles from and to Nablus. The officer, the CP commander, doesn’t allow us to stand even next to the yellow arm, and he send us beyond the first guard post. The DCO backs him.
There is a girl dog trainer on the spot, and the soldiers choose for her from time to time a car for checking.
There are many cars of the Palestinian Security, on their way to Nablus. One of them is a light truck and the soldiers try to send it to pass through Awarta. After a short discussion it goes on its way.

08:05 Burin/Yitzhar there is no military activity.

08:40 Za'tara: 
The queue to leave Huwwara is not too long. Two regular lanes and one humanitarian one are active.