Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 7.12.09, Afternoon

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Pithiya A., Yael S. (reporting) Nadim (driver)

Translation: Hanna K.

Under heavy rain we drove to the combined circuit, southern and western.15:00 The village of HarisThe entrance isn't blocked but a jeep manned by soldiers stands there.Marda is open.

Zeita is blocked. Two weeks ago the army opened the blockage for one day, and on the next day put it up again. Whey? The IDF probably have the answer.

15:15 Za'tara10 vehicles from the direction of Nablus are waiting. One car stands at the side and undergoes a check.

15:30 HuwwaraAt the grocery we were told that yesterday night there was a curfew. Also at the village of Eyn Avur, three settlers set fire to three taxis and a warehouse.At the CP there is a lively motion of cars. But there is no queue. A minbus stands at the side and is being checked. Nadim tell us that yesterday, when he was here the same minibus and a driver were also detained for checking.Now they stop busses and make all its passengers descend. Women and children stand in the rain to be checked. We called the Center to ask why one cannot check in the bus itself? Alleviation! Ten minutes later the bus was released and we too drove on.

A military jeep stands beyond the Burin junction- Yitzhar and checks mini-busses (again?!)

16:15 Deir Shara;/The Barrels CP:
The soldiers are inside the booth. The cars pass freely.