Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 23.12.09, Morning

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Michal Ts. and Hagit B. (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.
When we arrived at Sansana at 06:40 there was still a line of workers and two busses of families going to visit prisoners. S., the CP manager, is still responsible for both crossings in the south and is now at the Beit Yatir Crossing. This could explain the bottleneck. The Red Cross, who are responsible for dispaching six busses in a single day, must be held responsible for crowding the CP like this, and the Prison services, too, where such visitations dates are decided upon. Be that as it may, when we left, at 9:30am, families with mothers and young children were still waiting to cross. They doubtlessly had to wake up around 5:00am and our heart breaks for them. 
Road 60
Children walk to school. Traffic flows and the pillboxes are manned. 
The Sheep Junction and Dura Alfawwar: The army is apparently constructing yet another base in the parking lot above the destroyed Federman Farm. In any case, there is equipment there belonging to the Shimshon Brigade and soldiers are guarding it.
The special Border Police unit reinforcing the army in Hebron has been relieved and the CPs at Curve 160 and Beit Hameriva (house of dispute) are now manned by Golani soldiers who do not allow Palestinians to go through them on weekends (based on a telephone report i received from a woman who lives just opposite Beit Hameriva following our shift).
Children pass through on their way to school easily (occupation routine): the soldiers open their school bags when they set off the beeper. 
The Pharmacy CP: a child of about six had to open his school bag and show his pencil case to the soldier there as the case beeped...
Tarpat, Tel Romeida, and the Patriarchs' Cave CPs: no detaineesinfo-icon.
The road leading to the Palestinian crossing to the Patriarchs' Cave is now paved and the loudspeakers near Beit Gutnick were quiet.
We did not stay there long. We were afraid.  We did not see Anat (Cohen: an especially violent, fight-mongering settler. Ed.). 

Hebron is as deserted and evil as ever.