Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Tue 24.11.09, Morning

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Idit S., Rachel M. ,Drora P. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Bethlehem - Rachel’s Crossing:  there is a very low rate of crossing. There is no shouting from the the inside room and all seems to be calm in spite of everything. We are told that all the soldiers manning the inspection counters are new. 

TwoPalestinians are held-up at the exit. Both of them have valid work-permits but the computer record shows themto be GSS-denied. They are very angry because according to them they have been working inside Israel for many years. In recent days they have been called in for interviewing by the GSS, and their denial has not been lifted. There is a loud argument with the soldier at the inspection counter. A civil administration official arrives, and  following a discussion  they leave for their day’s work. 
The same question arises again and again : why does the fact of the denial being cancelled not appear on the computer, and why are the Palestinians not given a document to show that it has been lifted ? One of the officers at the Etzion DCL insists that every release (from a GSS restriction) is recorded on a computer which is on the same network as Rachel’sCrossing. So what is going on here ? 
Etzion DCL:  the activity in the DCL has already become routine. Two people ask us to help solve their problems. We give them advice. 
Nabi Yunis:  on the way we see that several barriers which had prevented access to the main road have been removed. The place is decorated with Palestinian flags saying “Abu Alah was here for a visit”.