'Anabta, Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 13.12.09, Afternoon

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Judith B., Ruti R. (reporting)

15:25 Tapuah Zatara junction checkpoint

15 vehicles approaching checking post, no detaineesinfo-icon, traffic moving.  

15:45 Huwwara Checkpoint

12 vehicles waiting to cross, 4 soldiers at the post.

Taxi being checked – probably random – all passengers required to disembark, IDs checked. At the same time another – larger – cab is stopped for inspection, passengers ordered off, a soldier checked IDs and sniffer dog and trainer inspected the inside.

Check lasted 5-10 minutes.  

16:15 Deir Sharaf (Haviot) checkpoint

Hardly any traffic at all. The few vehicles cross freely.  

16:20 Anabta

No soldiers at the checkpoint on either side.  

16:30 Jubara Checkpoint

3 checking posts active, few vehicles, traffic moving.  

16:40 Irtah pedestrian (workers) checkpoint

Upon our arrival about 50 people waited outside the turnstile, one checking window active. After a few minutes many workers arrived and waited to cross (there were at least 200 outside). After about 10 minutes another two checking windows were activated and the waiting line diminished. Crossing was speedy. From time to time women arrived and the men very courteously made room for them at the head of the line.