Eyal Crossing, Wed 30.12.09, Morning

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Nora R., Hanna P., Translator: Louise L.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


The gate is open and we approach the fence. There are not many workers, and they enter without delay. 

Of course, a security guard approaches us at once allowing us to stay for a few minutes. Then another more energetic security guard arrives telling us, quite politely, to leave immediately. And then he mentions the ”police”. 

He explains that lately workers have been given weekly permits, and that’s why there are relatively few people at the checkpoint. Also, construction workers do not come because of the rainy weather, which makes it impossible for them to work.  

The workers that we meet at this hour tell us that the checking is fast and that all the security positions are open. Suddenly three workers with a lot of “pitot” enter from the opposite direction. 

A worker coming out and speaking fluent Hebrew tells us that he has been working in Israel many years already. At present he works at construction in Kefar Shemaryahu. He claims that the solution is a bi-national state, because the West Bank cannot be an independent state. He tells us that he has a son who is studying in Jordan and intends to immigrate to Canada. The father supports his son’s plans, since he does not believe his prospects in this region are good. A senior security guard approaches us and explains that we are not allowed to stand close to the fence, because it is dangerous, and if something happens he will be hold responsible and he might lose his job. He has three children.  

A worker tells us that on Tuesday there was a lot of pressure, because one of the conveyor belts where there food bags are being checked was torn, and this caused a delay.  

A woman approaches us. She complains about having been told to take off her clothes in the presence of men, and not only that, they also told her to open her legs.  

A number of workers complain about being treated like animals during the checking, especially in the rooms. They also complain about the fact that there is no cover against the rain while they are waiting in line to be checked or waiting for their transportation after the checking.  It means that they keep standing in the rain for an hour and a half.